Amazing book on the Gothic World

Gothic: Imagery of the Middles Ages 1150-1500 Hardcover
by Achim Bednorz (Author), Rolf Toman (Editor)
H.F.Ullmann Publishing Gmbh (October 15, 2012), 568 pages.
gothic-cover 3.2 x 13.2 x 17.2 inches, Shipping Weight: 16 pounds

I’ve seen many fine books on European art and architecture of this period and this is just one of the finest I’ve ever come across. Thes book is truly a beautiful, engaging work.

The publisher has spared no effort to provide us with wonderfully large and detailed photographs rich in colour, finely composed and delightful to examine, page after page.

I borrowed this from our city library and am enjoying it tremendously. If you have even

a passing interest in the mediaeval world, you will really enjoy reading this book and

luxuriating in the inspiring work of so many superb artists, craftspersons and builders

done hundreds of years ago.

The 3 images I’m posting will provide you with some idea of the scale of the pictures, next to an iPhone 4.



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