From the Internet – The digitizable past is found here !

Archive Org’s Site – something for absolutely everybody

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This  is a monster  resource for many, many amazing old things. Defintely worth exploring. It has kind of a quirky interface. Try using the general icons at top left, then selecting all and choosing details from the right-hand sidebar. Here’s taste of what’s there:

video icon –> 2,000,000 video items such as these

  • 3749 videos of the Daily Show or
  • 1700 movie trailers

speaker icon –> 2,569,783 audio items, such as these

  • 2400 Old Time Radio shows or
  • 9,000 librivox talking books,

photo icon –> 1,000,000 images, including these

  • What – Moon” – this item provides 4900 images about the moon with many sub-categories such as “Oberon”
  • Clay” – this provides 12,000 images and many sub-categories, such as “Naples”  or “Faience”

Book icon –> Of the 8,000,000 old books scanned from many libraries, here are a couple of little Book jewels that caught my eye:

An illustrated book about italian parochial churches in Bologna  found deep down under the 8,000,00 old books scanned from european libraries, of which 44,000 are in italian

A book on “Home-made toys for girls and boys : wooden and cardboard toys, mechanical and electrical toys” one of  142,000 old books from the New York Public Library.

About thompsondavid

Artist, Italophile, happily retired software person. I read widely and am constantly finding wonderful things to discover and share. BA in English Literature, Masters in Library Science.
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4 Responses to From the Internet – The digitizable past is found here !

  1. I’ve found a lot of old texts on this site that would be incredibly hard to find otherwise. It’s definitely helpful.


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