Steal Like an Artist …. Show Your Work.

Two great, short, fun and irreverant books by Austin Kleon. Workman Publishing. 2012 and 2014.

Kleon-Steal  Kleon-Show

Inspiring and challenging contemporary ideas for artists, writers and anyone about finding, reusing, sharing, working collaboratively in so many interesting ways.

Absorbing his message encouraged me to publish an “Art Discoveries” page on this blog — no point in just gathering wonderful stuff I come across without putting it out there for others to explore and enjoy.

I strongly encourage you to take an hour and watch this video of Kleon’s presentation at SXSW in 2014, where he puts it all together so very well. ( Where else will you learn about ‘vampires’ and ‘human spam’ ? ) .

I am glad that I ran across Mr. Kleon’s work and I continue to enjoy his weekly newsletter  – 10 captivating ideas in my mailbox to explore every Friday .

About thompsondavid

Artist, Italophile, happily retired software person. I read widely and am constantly finding wonderful things to discover and share. BA in English Literature, Masters in Library Science.
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