Show and Tell; how everybody can make extraordinary presentations.

by Dan Roam. Penguin/Portfolio. 2014. 260 pp. fully illustrated.

A business-oriented book with practical ideas for development of stories and use of pictures and graphics to convey ideas to listeners.  The author differentiateShowAndTells 4 kinds of presentations, namely those designed to: provide information, teach something, motivate people to act and change beliefs.

Roam explains that you must have a clear story line.

Story lines for the above 4 are:
the Report ( information ),
Explanation ( teaching ),
Pitch ( move to act ) and
Drama ( beliefs )

Presentations are built on a “Presentation’s Underlying Message Architecture” – a PUMA, represetned by this simple graphic – representing a typographic cat

  • PumaHead = main idea
  • Spine = main story line
  • Legs = supporting ideas
  • Tail = one last hook

This book is an entertaining and exhaustively detailed discussion of how to put things together.It is brilliantly  illustrated and uses thoroughly worked out examples.

Definitely worth knowing about and using as a reference when composing presentations.

About thompsondavid

Artist, Italophile, happily retired software person. I read widely and am constantly finding wonderful things to discover and share. BA in English Literature, Masters in Library Science.
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